Sunday, July 31, 2011

Who, What, Where, Why, How

Welcome to Dan’s corner of A Music Driven Life. What better way to start than to give you the run down on how I ended up on the site.

Who – Dan Shelton (a.k.a - polar bear, rod, guitar dan, danny warbux, and the list goes on) I had the pleasure of meeting Dayna through my wife Andrea a few years ago. I have played guitar in several bands – the most “successful” being a stint in quickening ( where for a second I thought I may be able to make a career of this music thing (Ask me to send you the music video we did and you can see how it all went downhill) I have been lucky enough to travel the world extensively as part of my job (in IT) and be exposed to all different kinds of music and cultures. My love for music still has me traveling all over the world and seeing hundreds of bands a year.

What – Dayna and I share the same passion for music. Not only from enjoying other’s music, but also from writing and recording our own. I started at a young age performing in church and attending concerts from Christian artists. Once I reached high school I started going to rock shows in the Cleveland, OH area and started my own band with some guys from school.

Where – My wife Andrea and I live in Waterford, MI. It is also known as the North Pole – the northern most suburb from Detroit before you are in the sticks. I have friends all over the world that I met through traveling with my job that we go and visit occasionally. Nine times out of ten there is some sort of concert or music related activity associated with the visit. I tend to gravitate to people who have the same passions.

Why – As previously mentioned, Dayna and I have a real passion for music and we want to share this passion with others whether it be through recommending live shows or sharing new music with friends.

How – A Music Driven Life – Dayna approached me about contributing to her site a few months ago. What a great idea!!! I will update everyone on new music and shows that are a must.

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