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The Music Blog's Writing Team

Introducing The Music Blog's co-authors in crime.

Dayna Kovacic
2 years ago, in the midst of what she likes to call her little “quarter-life crisis”, Dayna discovered a path to singing and writing music she never thought was possible. It had been a childhood dream long forgotten. As her faith and musical ability grew in the months that followed, Dayna acquired a new found confidence. She fell in love with the song creating process and her 1st time in the studio was life changing. She has written and recorded songs with Grammy nominated songwriter and producer Christopher “Brody” Brown (Grenade – Bruno Mars & Forget You – Cee Lo Green) and continues her vocal training and guitar instruction under industry veteran’s Jessica Marciel and Vince Lauria. Her passion and hunger to learn about the music business drives her, and she is currently a registered ASCAP writer and publisher. To listen to Dayna’s music and read more on her story, check her out at 

Favorite band of all time - Huey Lewis and The News
Songwriting hero - Neil Sedaka
Most inspiring industry influencer - Alexandra Patsavas

Matt Castleman

Matt Castleman received his B.F.A. in Musical Theatre from Northern Kentucky University and was awarded the 2010 Acclaim Award for Rising Star. Matt has been a professional actor since the age of nine and is a proud member of AFTRA.  His amazing wife, Catie, is a soldier in the U.S. Army. During her deployment to Iraq, Matt moved to Los Angeles and was offered representation by one of Hollywood’s top managers and agencies. Recently, Matt was accepted into the prestigious “Groundlings” improvisation school (alumni include Will Ferrell, Kristen Wiig, Phil Hartman), as well as Anthony Meindl’s Actor Workshop. He has appeared in several commercials including Hyundai, NuvaRing, 2012 Summer Olympics, and Pepsi. He was cast in a Disney pilot, as well as an episode of CBS’ The Bold and the Beautiful. Last year, Matt was offered the supporting lead role in the feature film “40 Miles”, which will air on HBO and in select theatres across the country!

In addition to film, Matt also has a strong passion for theatre, magic, and gymnastics. He was seen on stage at NKU as Albert Peterson in Bye Bye Birdie (Cincinnati Entertainment Award Winner), Harold Bride in Titanic, Ben Holtz in the 2009 YES Festival World Premiere of Nightjars, Munkustrap in Cats, George Milton in Of Mice and Men, and Nathan Detroit in Guys and Dolls. Matt has many professional theatre credits including LeFou in Beauty and the Beast with Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati, Cloretta Powers in Church Girls, Umatilla USA, Riff in West Side Story with the Kentucky Symphony Orchestra, Jim in I Love a Piano, Simon Zealotes in Jesus Christ Superstar, Jinx in Forever Plaid, and Anselmo in Man of La Mancha (at NKU and the International Theatre Festival in Sibiu, Romania) with the Commonwealth Theatre Company. During his time at NKU, Matt was also an acting teacher at Uptown Arts in Cincinnati, along with being an alumnus of NKU’s “This Side Up” Comedy Improvisation and Musical Theatre Tour Troupes. He can be found on the original cast recordings of Church Girls, Umatilla USA, Lovers and Burgertown. Matt has been a gymnast for 15 years and trained with the Academy of Artistic Gymnastics, Vandergriff, and Dynamo. Please visit for more information!

Suree Kang

Music surrounded Suree as a child, whether it was tinkering on the electric YAMAHA or listening to her uncle singing in broken English "love me tender" on his acoustic guitar. Like many Asians, her mother put her in piano lessons to try to make her more "well rounded". She admits this has all contributed to the passion she has for music. Originally from the suburbs of Michigan, she grew up listening to the local alternative radio station 89x as she and her brother would get ready for school in the mornings. This was what sparked her love for the alternative scene. Although her taste in music has expanded, she's still into the alternative, rock, and indie. Music to her is a stress reliever. It relaxes her, makes her happy, and motivates her...she calls it her only drug. She currently lives in Las Vegas and loves catching a live show or taking a random trip to a festival whenever she can.  

First CD- VS.-Pearl Jam
Currently Listening To- Metric, XX, Arcade Fire & Turin Brakes
Favorite Song at the Moment- Home-Edwarde Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros

Jarod Morgan
Aka DJ Jayrod

Jayrod has been involved in the electronic dance scene in Las Vegas since 1999.  His greatest influence was DJ Ira who led the ranks in Las Vegas for some time with his scratch abilities and speed garage floor anthems.  When DJ Ira retired, Jarod was left with no other option but to hear speed garage music by ordering vinyl (yes vinyl not mp.3’s) from England, speed garage’s home.  The market demand for this genre of music was crazy with some rare vinyl records going for as much as $200 on ebay!  Within a couple years of mixing speed garage and drum n bass and learning scratch techniques from Las Vegas great, Presto One, Jayrod began showcasing his skills through Awol Production and Flizm Flozm events.  These were the promoters holding down the underground electronic dance scene in Las Vegas in the early 2000’s.  Jayrod quickly made a name for himself as a DJ who had the rarest speed garage vinyl and crafty scratch cutz showcased at all his performances.  In the mid 2000’s, he and a few others joined to create The Soundbwoy Engineers,  a group of aspiring DJ’s, artists, and promoters, and began hosting events that showcased the latest and greatest in the underground DJ community nationally.  This was in addition to breakdancer’s forming alliances with the Knucklehead Zoo, hosting bboy competitions at their events.  Members of the Knucklehead Zoo have progressed and had success with America’s Best dance Crew winners “Super Crew” as well as the infamous  “Jaberwookies”. 

Jayrod’s success has brought him to England, San Francisco, Manhattan, Los Angeles, and Hawaii to showcase his skills.  In 2005, he joined with DJ Kor and released 2 hit vinyl records in England, “Original Allstar” and “Shagadelik”.  Once dubstep hit the underground scene in 2007, Jayrod quickly adapted to the sound and started mixing dubstep tracks in his sets.  Jayrod currently residents at Smash Monthly, a dubstep/Bass music event that showcases international talent once a month. He's also a resident for all upcoming Awol Productions events.  He plays dubstep and electro house. Jayrod attends the massive music events put on by Insomniac (Electric Daisy Carnival, Nocturnal Wonderland, Together as One to name a few) and goes as far as traveling to Miami once a year for the Ultra Music Festival during the Winter Music Conference. Jayrod looks forward to some great reviews, excellent mixes, and pictures from the best events Vegas and the world has to offer. Bass music for life!

Andrea and Dan Shelton

Andrea and Dan are arguably two of the most hard core music lovers out there. When your wedding invitation is a concert ticket with a set list included, you walk down the aisle to Pink Floyd, and dance your first dance to Muse, you know there's music pumping through your veins. When they met, it was perfect musical fusion. These two travel the globe and attend some of the biggest festivals out there. Andrea's one of those people who knows the next cool sound and band before anyone else. One of her first jobs out of college was traveling around with the Warped Tour. Dan was raised in a musical family. His roots stem from performing in church as a young boy and evolved to starting a rock band in high school. Since then, he's played guitar for several bands. He's been fortunate to travel the world for his current job working in IT and still writes and records. For more info, check out Dan's first blog post - Who, What, Where, When, How

Welcome to the Team!

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  1. Great job on the bios! You all bring a lot of diversity to the group. I'm very interested in learning more about one of your writers Suree Kang! The combination of her musical style and stunning good looks blows me away! I wait in anticipation for her next entry!

    I dig your blog! Keep it up.