Saturday, July 16, 2011

Music Supervision, Twilight, and a healthy Chop Shop Records obsession

More and more, today's music fans are turning to television shows and films as their best source for discovering new songs, artists, and bands. Because songs increase the appeal - and ratings- of a TV show or film, producers are adding more to their projects. (Shortcuts to Songwriting for Film & TV - Robin Frederick)

Did you ever wonder how music ends up in our favorite TV shows and movies? Or even more, if there was actually a profession specializing in soundtrack creation where some blessed music lover gets to discover new talent AND still give us our classic song fix when required? This my friends, is the job of a music supervisor. Producers will seek out capable music supervisors who turn music into unique emotional connections watchers will identify scenes, personalities, or products with and remember.

In Robin Frederick's latest book mentioned above, she describes how the trend of songs replacing instrumental pieces or underscores is currently growing. In a single year, she calculates the TV and movie industry can use 17,000 songs or more!

In a world where more music is demanded, the music supervisor is a giant in the industry. Alexandra Patsavas, owner of Chop Shop Records and Music Supervision, was called one of the most powerful gatekeepers in the music industry on CNBC. -"One play on prime time and her music pick will jump to the top of the charts, downloaded by millions, taking a once obscure band and making it an overnight sensation."

So why am I so interested in Alex Patsavas and her company Chop Shop Records? First, her team has one of of the best music blogs out there.
Second, they supervise the music for the Twilight movies.

After reading the Twilight Saga in Oct '09, I realized 4 to 5 of the songs I had just written and recorded with Brody Brown (songwriter/producer: Grenade-Bruno Mars and F*ck You!-Cee Lo Green) matched some of the themes in the 4th book, Breaking Dawn. Brody's manager at the time started working from his end to find out who we needed to submit to. I, however, took a different approach.

After coincidentally finding out I had a way into a private soundtrack party Alex was throwing at her house in Pasadena before New Moon (2nd installment of series) came out in theaters, I made it my mission to attend in stealth mode. Once my mission was completed however, I realized I had not planned out what I would do if I actually made it in... Long story short, I never properly introduced myself because I didn't want to get the person in trouble who had put me on the list. In addition, my cover was blown when my co-writer LeMel started asking Alex who she was as we were leaving. I was mortified! The guest list had been small in the first place, so she probably had already been asking herself who these two people were walking around her beautiful moonlit patio, eating her food, acting like they belonged there. (She did have the best ice cream sandwiches and gourmet hot dog stand there though...) If I ever have the privilege to meet her again, I am seriously apologizing.
The point is, I feel pulled towards this project. I know my sound is a little bit more pop than the usual Twilight sound, but something about how Brody uses a guitar in the songs makes me think it could work. Over the last year and a half, I've been able to copyright and ASCAP register everything. Seeing as I only found out I could sing and write two years ago, I think I'm ahead of the learning curve. Part 1 of Breaking Dawn is set to be in theaters Nov 18th. Here's a quick sneak peek.

Below are my songs with their respective themes to the movie. Let me know what you think. 

Feel It by Dayna

Home by Dayna
Bella's theme

Energy by Dayna
Bella and Edwards first time.

Livin A Lie by Dayna
Bella's internal struggle.

Ready 4 Love by Dayna
Jacob's theme.

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